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Wellness Strategy

From these statistics, it’s easy to see how UK businesses are losing up to £26 billion in sickness plus £57 billion in lost productivity each year.  With 90% of chronic illness being attritbutable to lifestyle factors, investing in a preventative strategy and approach to common workplace issues, such as stress in its many forms, can be a financial game changer, and a cultural differentiator.

Your people are the key to your success. Numerous studies report that when employees are healthy and happy, they can perform at their best, for longer.

Investing in their overall health and wellbeing can reduce burnout and healthcare costs, whilst improving:

  • Resilience

Through assessment, analysis and tailored interventions

  • Employee satisfaction

Measured by employee engagement surveys

  • Talent retention

Measured by rates of attrition

  • Individual and team performance

Measured by your performance management system


Drawing from our many years of extensive corporate experience, we support organisations achieve sustainable performance by offering one or all of the following:

  • Consulting

A thorough, current-state analysis

  • Strategy design

Evidence-based, business case development

  • Delivery

Clear, demonstrable return on investment

  • Implementation

Data-driven, sustainable working solutions

  • Coaching

Support for senior leaders and managers

Our team has collaborated with the Department of Health’s Chief Medical Officer, the CEO of the NHS, the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, and the Financial Times, in developing a national Health at Work strategy.

We’ve facilitated discussions at the 2015 launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group’s report on mindfulness across schools, businesses, and hospitals, A Mindful Nation.

We are experienced at participating in public health:

  • Forums
  • Panel speaking events
  • Roundtable discussions

We possess an in-depth knowledge of providing health and wellbeing solutions to world-leading corporate clients throughout the City of London, as well as working with small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs).

We can help your organisation revolutionise the way your employees feel and perform through: