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Sleep Better

Our Sleep Better program is data-driven, and combines CBT Hypnotherapy with Functional Medicine and the latest technology. 

By using the Oura Ring, we’ll gain insight into your individual sleep quality, and stress responses, to create a personalised plan, so that you can enjoy wonderfully restorative sleep each night.

The Sleep Better program includes:

– 6 x 60 minutes sessions, 1 every other week
– Session Recordings
– Personalised Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Management and Supplements (DRESS For Success) Plan
– App-based support

– App-based Meditation

Deposit: £200   Installments: 6 x £200   Duration: 12 weeks

We also recommend lab work to uncover the root cause of your sleeplessness, which you can order via the buttons on the right.

If paid upfront, we offer a 5% discount on sessions at £1,140

Additional Investment

Diagnostics include the following:

Additional Benefits

$50 discount on the Oura Ring