Do you struggle to get to sleep?

Are you waking at 3am every night?

Do you feel tired but wired?

After a lifetime of sleeplessness, can you imagine that in 12 weeks you can enjoy better sleep?  At Well Works, our Sleep Better, Stress Less online course draws on techniques from nutrition and psychology to help you understand the underlying causes for why you haven’t been sleeping well in the first place, and give you a toolkit to help you sleep better the moment we begin working together.

Get Your Sleep Score

Our programme is integrative in its approach to helping you sleep. You’ll begin with knowing your Sleep Score. This is a short test that will provide you with a Grade A, B, C or F! It will provide you with valuable information about what to do next.



Let's break down, step by step, what you will be getting when you decide to take this life-changing Course:

Watch Videos

Through bi-weekly videos, you’ll learn about your Sleep Chronotype, and when you should be sleeping, and for how long. Not all people need the same hours of sleep, and over time you may find that your needs are changing as you get older.


Listen to Your Audio

Then you’ll enjoy hypnotic recordings to help you reduce anxiety, build confidence and prime your mind for deep, restorative sleep. These need to be repeated each day in order for the valuable information and comfort they provide to sink into your subconscious.


Follow the Custom Meal Plan

 You’ll also understand the role that specific foods, minerals and nutrients can play in a customised Sleep Better Meal Plan. There simply are certain foods that are keeping you awake, and most people aren't aware of the majority of these.



Practice Makes Perfect

We also provide you with a series of Sleep Rituals which work with your unique biology, so that you can approach your nightly rest with the same degree of thoughtfulness and intention each night.

 One of the biggest benefits of our Sleep Better Course, and what sets us apart from other programs, is that we offer no fewer than three (3) online Group Coaching calls so that you can ask questions directly and finally get the answers around nutrition you seek!

Monthly Group Coaching


There can be multiple factors contributing to your sleeplessness.

We address them all in our online Sleep Better Course:


Elevated levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, can make it difficult to turn your mind off at night. The weekly Videos and Hypnotic Recordings that come with this course will jump-start your journey to stress-free days and restful sleep.


If you're not eating the right foods, you could be depleting your production of neurotransmitters that impact your happiness and levels of relaxation. We'll work on optimising your digestive health through nutrition to ensure you are producing the right levels of what you need to sleep deeply.


You know the major environmental factors, such as ensuring you have a quiet, dark room, but there is so much to learn about our habits around sleep! Our recommendations for Sleep Rituals and the Group Coaching you will receive will drastically improve your current sleep habits.

You do not need to struggle through your issues with sleep on your own any longer. This Sleep Better programme comes with its own Facebook Community, so you can talk to our Integrative Medicine practitioners and other people just like you! Ask all the questions you need to find real-world solutions to your challenges. In fact, why wait to get involved! You can join our main group right this very minute.

“If you want to go far, go together.” 

    - African Proverb

You've tried everything, but you are still sluggish during the day, eating salty and sugary foods, and lying in bed at night with a racing mind. Stop the cycle today. Imagine waking up feeling revived, refreshed and on top of your world!

Renewed Focus and Energy is a click away!

If you wish to get the most benefit out of our Sleep Better course, we recommend that you order this incredibly useful device. The ring will complement the work we do together, so that you can gain insight into your current state and track your improvements 

Order the Ōura Ring (Optional)

What our clients say...

~ Joe V.

"I was very skeptical about the whole (hypnotherapy) treatment and process, as I find it very hard to zone out. But Raewyn’s voice is so calm and soothing, I totally relaxed and was able to focus. Raewyn and her therapies are the best, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!"

You CAN achieve optimal sleep & health!

Get the step-by-step guidance you need from our Hypnotherapist and Functional Medicine Health Coach. Join our online community and find hope and support amongst others who know how you feel.

You CAN overcome your stress and get deep sleep.

You CAN find the foods that work specifically for YOU.

You CAN get restorative sleep no matter where you are. 

This affordable rate is available for a limited time. Get in on the ground floor of a revolutionary sleep programme. 

All this for only:


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