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Guided Meditation

Happy Weekend Wellness Warriors,

What a weird week this has been!  I’m sure you’re probably saturated with all the negative, fear-laden news coming your way.  So my intention today is to offer you a way to reclaim your power, in the form of the replay from yesterday’s World Sleep Day guided meditation.  We must nourish our minds during this unprecedented time with more positive thoughts.

You’ll be able to play when you join the Well Works Online Community, and then click on the link below.

While the threat may seem overwhelming right now, we are better equipped at this point in human history than at any other, to deal with it.  So let’s focus on doing what we can, by eating right, sleeping well, self-isolating, and choosing powerful, natural supplements.  My newsletter at the start of the week looked at Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Management and Supplements to strengthen the immune system.  To make it really simple, I’ve curated my favourite supplements for you.

I’m here if you need guidance on more ways to inoculate your body and your mind during this crazy moment in time.

I'd love to feel calmer and sleep deeper naturally
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