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The heat this weekend inspired us to get creative creating this chilled chocolatey treat.

When chocolate cravings are calling, this delicious dairy-free treat keeps the gremlins at bay!

Whipping up this plant-based beauty took a mere 10 minutes!

Cacao is rich in magnesium, which is fabulous for muscle relaxation, anxiety and balancing mood.

Avocados are rich in Vitamin E and good fat, which is great for our brains, our skin, and even our metabolism!

So this is a wonderful quick treat to keep your blood sugar and your mood balanced.

It’s chocolatey and it’s good for you? What’s not to love!

However, when consuming this healthy treat, there are a few things we’d like you to be mindful of. While this is healthy for most, there are some who might not find it so good for them. For example, those with cross-reactive gluten sensitivity, chocolate mimics gluten, so this can cause some dietary upset or headaches or other intolerance type reactions.

Similarly, avocado is high in histamine, so those with histamine intolerance should also avoid. You’ve probably heard of antihistamines, and most likely you’ve used these for your seasonal allergies. Histamine is a compound that is produced in reaction to a foreign pathogen or allergen. The inability to break down histamine properly leads to histamine intolerance, i.e. allergic reactions. So it is important to avoid foods that are high in histamine if you suffer from seasonal allergies, or any sort of intolerance, even seemingly healthy foods like fermented kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, bananas, beetroot, avocados, to name just a few.

We’ll blog separately about histamine intolerance but for now, if you’re histamine proof, then you’re free to enjoy this mousse in all it’s chocolatey goodness!

1 cup (120ml) Biona Organic canned coconut milk
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
½ cup maple syrup
2 ripe organic avocados
¼ cup organic raw cacao

Place all ingredients into your blender in the order listed and secure lid.
Turn machine on and slowly increase speed to high.
After about 60 seconds, stop the blender.
Do not over mix or melting will occur. Serve immediately.
Garnish with fresh raspberries

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